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Online Requests


Welcome to LJBVH online dashboard. From here, you can submit appointment requests, medication refills, add new pets, or ask our team a general question regarding your pet's health. 

Dog Walk
Dog Walk

Request an appointment for your pet for routine wellness care or non-urgent medical concerns here.

Are you scheduling an appointment for a new pet? Start here

Are you a new to LJBVH? Start here

Please allow up to 24 hours during regular business days for appointment confirmation. If your pet requires attention sooner, contact our team via phone or text. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, contact an emergency hospital immediately.

Request your pet's regular medications, preventatives and diets here.

Allow at least 24 hours notice during regular business days for all medication refills.

Cat and Food
Puppy on the Beach

Add a
New Pet

Let's get to know your furry family! Click here if you've already completed client registration or our team has cared for other pets in your household.

If you are a new client, click here for

client registration.

Come on back as many times as you need to register any pets you wish to establish care for.

New Pet

I'm a
New Client

Welcome to the LJBVH family! We're honored to be part of your pets' care team. We've got some questions to ask you so we can create your file.

Cute Kittens
New Client
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